4 Call To Actions (CTA) You can Add on Videos


A Call To Action (CTA) is words or a phrase that asks the audience to act immediately upon something that is being recommended to them. CTAs may be added to videos strategically to enhance the value of what is being delivered via the video to the audience. This enables the audience to respond immediately to the CTA if they want to rather than running the risk of directing them elsewhere to complete the conversion.

Different CTAs may ask the audience to do different things, such as buy something, or get more information, or go to a certain web page such as a social media page, etc. For example, an influencer who is reviewing a product, may place a CTA for the audience to buy the product on Amazon upon finishing the review. This combines affiliate marketing with influencer marketing quite effectively. In addition an influencer can direct the audience to their blog or social media webpage at the conclusion of a video, hence acquiring more followers to influence.

What then are the different types of CTAs that one may add to a video to enhance it?

1. Buy a Product

On videos that review and recommend a product, a well placed CTA that direct viewers to an e-commerce web page can significantly increase the chances of the product being purchased.

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Influencer Michelle Phan is a beauty influencer who was signed on by Lacome and L’Oreal because of the buying power of her followers, thus benefiting from the Buy a Product CTA.

2. Check out Social Media

While CTAs directing the audience to social media do not necessarily have any immediate monetary significance, social media is very important in generating awareness among the audience, with longer term benefits such as brand building, etc. An influencer may direct the audience to their own or another brand’s social media page.

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The retailer Lord & Taylor flooded fashion feeds by having 50 fashionistas on Instagram make a post wearing the same dress, which sold out by the weekend. This was to introduce their Design Lab Collection to potential buyers.

3. Check out Web page

Similar to the Check out Social Media CTA the Check out Web Page CTA has longer term benefits. In addition if the web page is an online shopping page it may also generate immediate monetary benefits.

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Klean Plate’s CEP and founder Kelly Sanders successfully used influencers and this CTA to grow her business, showing an online sales increase of 14 times from January to April 2017.

4. Donate now

This CTA is used to leverage the power of influencers and social media for charity. Used insightfully it may be a very powerful tool on a video.

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The story connected to Snapchat and Vine influencer Jerome Jarre is one that stands out for using the Donate Now CTA. In 19 hours he raised $1 million for Somalis facing famine, against the target of 10 days that he has set along with his fellow influencers.

The ability to add the right CTA directly and strategically to a video can increase the effectiveness of the video manyfold.

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