Videozyme: Embed Code – What it is and How to use it


In the earlier tutorial you saw how to create CTAs for your existing YouTube videos. In this tutorial we will walk you through the concept of an embed code and how to use one.

What is an ‘embed code’?

Embed code is nothing but HTML code which can be embedded in the source code of anything. In this context, we shall be talking about the source code for your website or blog. Think of the embed code as a stand-alone functionality which can be plugged into an existing website without disrupting its original contents. For example: a video to be plugged into a website that has text, images and other videos.

The embed code can be pasted anywhere in the HTML code which will be reflected in the actual website/ blog.

In this tutorial, the embed code we refer to is for the new version of the video created on Videozyme that you intend to use on your website or blog.

How does it all work?

An embed code looks like this:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”355″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe><br />

This embed code has the following information:

  • I-frame parameters: Parameters that define the region for the inline frame to be added to an existing web page.
  • src= The source URL or the website hosting the video.
  • 33fcc9b7-001a-402b-bb8d-845aff85254d: The unique identification for the video you just edited.

When pasted on the destination web page, it instructs the software to go to, fetch a video named ’33fcc9b7-001a-402b-bb8d-845aff85254d’ and place it on the web page with certain dimensions.

This allows bloggers to integrate a remote video on their website/ blog without actually having to host it themselves.

How to do it from Videozyme:

    • Upload an existing YouTube video on Videozyme.
    • Create a variant of this video by adding CTAs (text, images, hyperlinks, etc).
    • You should be able to see the variant of the video that you just created and it’s embed code.
    • Copy the embed code either by clicking on ‘Copy’ or by manually doing so.
    • Paste this embed code on your website/ blog.
    • The embed code is HTML code and therefore must be pasted into the HTML script of your website or blog. Pasting it like you would paste regular content may NOT work.

You should now be able to view this variant of the video on your website/ blog.

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